Why communication is so important


Leader as a business card to his company.


Not all of us are aware how important is to learn how to talk in the way that others will percieve us as a great interlocutor.
The impression which people get during the conversation, tells them plenty about the condition of the business they want to get into. A leader is like a business card of his company. He has a great impact on the decision if a person is interested in establishing cooperation with the company.

If a boss is a flighty person, can he control his work in an orderly way?

If he is a person with whom is hard to get into compromise and for all the time he is telling why his decisions are the best and does not want to listen opinions of others, does somebody would like to work with him?



One of the most important things which leader should have is the ability to listen carefully.  This is one of the most greatest techniques thanks which you will gain respect from your interlocutors.

  1. Set aside all electronic devices, close a book or newspapper, turn off the television.
  2. Focus your all attention on the person who wants to talk to you, no matter if it is your business partner or your child.
  3. Listen carefully and pay attention to every word expressed.
  4. Before you say anything stop for a moment, make a pause, take this time to think conscientiously and show your listener how much you care.

These simple steps will help you to become a respected person whom people will trust and will enjoy the conversation with. Also, it will boost your self-esteem and will make of you a person who people want to follow.


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