How to stop wasting your time?


You should do only the things you are the best in. The rest of your tasks that you don’t like to do, other people should do them for you.

Problems with time come from not respecting time, because we don’t know its value.

Count how much does an hour of your work costs – $300? $3000? Let’s say you earn $300. You know that things like ironing, washing, cleaning you can delegate, they cost $50 while you earn $300 per hour and you don’t have to do things you don’t like to do.


Almost everyone doesn’t have enough time for hobby, sport, work, family or children. Why is that? Becuase we do all these things at once. Every day we want to do 50 different things. It’s worth to take a piece of paper and write down how much time do you spend doing silly things. Write down every minute you spent on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, mobile, chats, etc. Impressed? Do you know how can you add some hours into your day?

Before you spend your time sitting in pubs with your friends take a moment to consider your decision. Do they have inspiring goals they want to achieve or do they rather think how to survive to the next paycheck? Are they positive and have a mindset of a person who believes in themselves? Or maybe after a meeting you have a worse mood than you had before and they are bringing you down? Does your energry go up or down?
Every time you want to give someone some of your precious time, think about it in this category and answer those questions. Remeber that you cannot go much further than the level of people you spend your time with.

It is worth to write it all down and then you will clearly see where your time goes. Doing things of low-value does not bring you anything and even moves you back. Newspaper, TV? – get rid of such silly things. It’s a kind of war for you to choose between doing relaxing things or concrete things which can improve your life. That’s why today you should take a piece of paper and write down 3 things (with high value) that you are going to accomplish tomorrow. ¬†Only things that will push you. Plan your whole week in this way. All the greatest humans in the history have planned their lives precisely. Know where your time goes!

It’s a matter of a habit to have it in your head. You live is your day, because your days create your life. Make sure that tomorrow and every day starting from now will be a great day. Great days create great lives.

Ask yourself –> What can I do tomorrow to have the best day of my life?

We change our habits from two reasons. Inspiration or determination.

Determination is when you have a must of doing something and you don’t have any other option. There isn’t a way back.
Inspiration is when your dream is big. Then you don’t have problems with time management. You clearly see what to do. You need to find what inspires you. If you don’t know it – experiment, try different things. If you look for a business inspiration, autobiographies of successful businessmen are a great source of it.

It you have it, then you won’t think about checking on Facebook what other people are doing but you will focus on your work. It is called a passion. Focus on what you really want to accomplish.


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