Power of listening

Inspiring people cannot be done without listening others. Lack in this important part of communication causes people’s reluctance to share their thoughts and knowledge. As a result, they do not have any trust for an interlocutor and it is impossible for a leader to be an inspiration. First we need to learn how to listen. Without showing any interest in what people are saying we cannot devote them to taking any action.



Carefully listening is a basic skill of a successful leader.  As the old proverb says: “Therefore, two ears and one tongue was given, to say less and to listen more”, leaders should not only talk about their ideas but even more than that, they should listen other people. By giving others a chance of sharing thoughts, we receive a lot of valuable feedback. Good listening consist a few manners.

First, we cannot stop the other person while talking, we need to listen them carefully until the end. To avoid misunderstandings and to improve the quality of a conversation, we cannot stop a person, and we should let him or her finish a thought. All our attention should be focused on the speaker. Sometimes it seems to be hard, because in advance we establish a point of view of our interlocutor, looking through our experience.

The truth is that we cannot really know his feelings and thoughts, so the best way to know his true position is to listen him well until the end. Being a patient listener pays. Only when your workers trust you, they share with you their ideas and they are not afraid of sharing with you their opinion.

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