Increase your productivity by 100%



By doing more you are earning more.

75% of time at any work is filled with distractions, interruptions, talks with colleagues, checking social media, talking on phone, etc. Normal employee works for 50% of the time he spends at work. The rest 50% is waisted for things which has low-value or has no value at all.


Work for all the time while you are at work. Keep yourself busy. Turning off your phone will help you to avoid interruptions as signals from your applications, calls from your family or friends. It takes 20 minutes to fully focus and concentrate on the task. Each time you read a message on your phone or talk for even 5 minutes you loose concentration. Then, you need another 20 minutes to go back to work on a high-productive level. Try to use your time effectively.




“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
Benjamin Franklin


The method which I am writing about is going to increase your productivity by minimum 100%. It is a real rocket! 
Daily, traffic jams take a lot of time. The way to avoid them is to go to the office before they even start. Starting your work at 5am and working till 8am give you very high productivity. At the hour which is a starting hour for your employees, you have completed the major tasks and right now you have more time for doing extra job! Isn’t that amazing?

Staying one hour after work will give you more extra time. Like in the morning, you will avoid traffic jams and additionaly you will use time effectively. All together, it gives you additional 4 hours during the day during which nobody interrupts you. You can do far more than you have expected and your productivity will go up the same day you started doing it. Try it tomorrow!


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