How to solve every problem

As a leader you should have a skill of solving problems.

You need to know how to deal with problems in your company but also to deal with obstacles in your personal life. Your personal life affects your career.
Therefore, what is the recipe for “hard times”?


What can I do method
The first thing that has to be done is idnentifying a problem. Then, ask yourself what are the possible solutions of solving it. Let’s imagine that sales in your company are low. Take a piece of paper and write down the question on the top: What can we do as a company to increase sales?

Now, it is time to write down answers. Think about 20 possible solutions to a problem. Do not stop until you have all twenty.
Possible answers can be:
1. Call more clients.
2. Send employees for a sales training.
3. Eliminate the worst product.


This method works with every issue. When you have a personal problem you can ask – What can I do to be a better partner? What can I do to be a better father/mother? What can I do to have a fit body? What can I do to look better?

You will be amazed about the results.
According to Pareto principle, 4 answers will make 80% results. Try to indentify those four solutions and do them as often as it is possible.

All you need to have is a piece of paper and a pen. You will see that the solutions are already in your head. This is a very easy way to disover them.

Sit in a calm place that nobody will disturb you and remember that focus will lead you to success.

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