How to inspire

The big impact on a success have the ability of communicating well. To touch other people with words we need to get into their brains and hearts. To inspire, we need to make our language richer.


The best way of communication is to identify the style in which our interlocutor is communicating and implement this style into a conversation. While talking we can implement vocabulary which touch visual, kinesthetic and auditive incentive what will make bigger a impact on our listener. We can use descriptive words, which may move a listener´s imagination and feelings. By doing that we can get listeners’ attention and inspire them.

The use of metaphors makes that the speech is more likely to be remembered. Speeches, which contain a large number of descriptions and stories, are very powerful. They open mind for new ideas and possibilities. Many famous people, leaders as well as politician leaders used them in their speeches to act on the audience’s senses and imagination. To conduct a successful conversation, the contact between people participating in the conversation is essential. It is believed that simulation and communication in the same manner as a interlocutor, improves the communication.

To deliver a speech which will move an audience, the message should be adequate to our own values, and should affect emotions of listeners, inspiring and giving hope. The reason of failures experienced by leaders who may seem charismatic is that they do not believe in their own words and their values are not the same as they show or claim to be. A relation with a team is a lack of belief in leaders words.

If a person does not care about other people and do not listen them, there is no chance that he will be successful in this position. True leaders should care about all company and people working there, not only looking at their jobs as a emotionless tasks and put themselves on the first place, considering themselves as the most important person in the whole company. Such a behavior will not build a relation and will not motivate employees.

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