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A leader is responsible for keeping his eye on the specific goal of a team or a company and organizing people to work towards it. Not many leaders know the value of this skill. By noticing what motivates the workers and what scares them a boss comes into possession of very important knowledge, which he can use in order to get the results he wants.

Respect is gained by taking into consideration the opinion of others. Recently the way of leadership has changed. Now, managers and workers do not only want to handle instructions, but also they want to feel as an important part of the task. A leader’s job is to motivate and show them a vision.



Being a person who is open for the opinion of colleagues allows to find the best solution. Everyone has the right to have their own mind and opinion but only by taking into consideration others points of view, we can come up to one solution.

Having an open mind

Having an open mind does not mean agreeing with everybody, but being willing to listen others and being able to go on a compromise. In a discussion, the same target or a goal of a company helps a team to communicate better and to look not on their own, personal interest but on the good of a company at the first place.

If a person who is on the position of a manager of a team has problems with good listening, as a result members of the group will not consider their supervisor as a right person to discuss issues with. They will try to face their challenges by asking other people in a company for an opinion, avoiding the presence of their supervisor.To be a good listener, first we need to eliminate all interruptions and fully focus on a speaker. We need to be aware of personal prejudice, which can lead to selective listening and unconscious ignorance of a part of a delivered message.

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