Define your customer



Who exactly is your ideal customer?
The customer who more than anyone else will buy your product immediately?

“If you don’t know who your customer is, you don’t know what quality is.”
Eric Ries

You need to define: who is the person to whom you offer your product? Is this an older person who need to buy medicines for a heart disease? Are they students who want to buy  T-shirts with funny text or picture?

It is necessary to define the age group of your customers. When you sell water in bottles you do not limit to young people only.  But it is better for you to define the group you aim to. You can offer water for babies or water for sportsmen. The more you specify the better results you will get. You need to know, what is age of your perfect customer, their sex, education, what are their plans and goals?
To make your business more effective you need to precise. If you have competitors in your field you need to specify. What is in your product or service that make me it different from others? What I am doing better than my competitors?

Is your product important for them? Is it neccesary, important or unimportant? What difference will it make in their life when they decide to buy it? What problem does it solve?
You need to be absolutely clear about this.


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