Be willing to learn


For leaders education never ends.

The real education lasts for whole life. It is not so important where we learn, neither when we learn, nor from where. What is important is the willingness and the awareness why it is so important.


Why formal education is not significant?

While supervising people nobody asks you which school have you finished or what grades you usually got.
What really matters are your skills which made from you a leader. Among others, an insight into solving problems, making people work together, taking full responsibility for your results. One thing which all these skills have in common is courage. At school, they do not teach us how to be brave. However we have to be brave to take responsibility for our actions, also during these moments when they are not possitive. We have to be brave to call a nervous client and expalin why he had not recieved his product yet. We have to be brave to talk in front of staff members while explaining them that only when they work together they can achieve great things. Your high self-esteem here is essential.

Why should I look for more know-how even if I am the smartest person in my company?

Truth is relatively tough. Today you can be the smartest, but tomorrow? Tomorrow is a mistery. If you do not grow you get smaller. To lead people you have to stay current with all the information what is in your field and know how to use it well. Knowledge itself is not enough. We need to learn either how to use it or how to sell it.

A leader has to know and do both. 

Nowadays, it is not possible to learn just once. Everyday we are overwhelmed by massive amount of updates and discoveries in all over the world. If you want to keep your position or you want to upgrade, learning is fundamental.
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