Ask open questions

Ask open questions

The person who is controlling a conversation is the person who ask questions.   The best method you can use is asking open questions. When you ask your client instantly you will get more information, you will see the things he wants so you will know how you can help him. There is one very[…]

Know your audience

  Before you speak do your homework. The essential point of a good speech is making a resarch about the audience. Before you start preparing it, define. Who will be listening you? How old will be your listeners? By defining avarage old of your listeners you will make your piece more accurate. You need to[…]

Define your customer

  Who exactly is your ideal customer? The customer who more than anyone else will buy your product immediately? “If you don’t know who your customer is, you don’t know what quality is.” Eric Ries You need to define: who is the person to whom you offer your product? Is this an older person who[…]