Are you your own customer?



Do you use the prodacts you offer?


A leader has to have the results and be an example for others.
How do we get results?
The answer is simple: by sales.

Your sales will take off while you implement fully this simple method.

First, answer to these couple questions:

Do you like the product you offer? Do you believe that this is the best product on the market you can get? Will you choose it in a situation when you need to use such kind of product or  will you recommend it to your family?

Why do you sell it? Do you think that services you offer are better than services of your competitors? If yes, why so? What makes your services or products unique?

These are the major questions you need to ask yourself.  Then, ask your employees, what do they think, what are their beliefs. Only when the answer is possitive you can be successful.

After making this excercise your self-confidence will be higher and you will make more sales because your customers will not only hear but also will feel that the products or services you offer will truly help them.
While presenting your product, your clients will feel your emotional engagement what will increase drastically number of sales.

By using own product you will become an example of a person to whom the product has helped. It will give you more stories to tell while making transactions and people will trust you what is another benefit of this method.

If you are not yet your own client, it is time for you to start to be!


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