Become a leader

All you need to know


Everyone sells. We sell ourselves as community members, we sell ourselves as students, workers, partners. Learn how to sell your products but also your ideas.


Great leader has to be a good public speaker. Tips on how to speak in a way that people will follow you with all their souls.

Time management

Run the day in the most effective way. Ideas on how to organize your time properly.

Personal development

As Jim Rohn once said, formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Work on yourself harder that you are doing on your job.


Close your eyes and try to imagine a leader.

What do you see?
Does he wear high quality clothes and have an athletic figure or is he a person who is wearing dirty, not ironed clothes with tears?
Does he keep straight position and walk with grace? Or maybe he is slouchy and has his head in the clouds? What do you hear? His voice tone is rather high and shrill or low and deep? Do you feel respect? What do you smell? Expensive perfumes or sweat?

As you can see the answers are obvious. All of us have been programmed during our lives. Based on our experience we come up with our own observations and opinions. That is the reason why the first impression is so important.

Great leaders have their own secrets. If you know those secrets and you will implement them into action, you will become one of them.


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